The Boiling Point and Lines in the Sand

The Boiling Point and Lines in the Sand

by Zen Gardner
Humanity is being pushed to the brink. We’re seeing it in every walk of life. The continuing question remains, when will each of us wake up and draw the line and say no further, no matter what the personal cost? When will a rising tide of personal commitment begin to take serious root? What will it take? Will we wait until it’s virtually too late to make a serious difference?
Do the fascist police have to bust down your door, shoot your dog as well as Grandpa reaching for his wallet to prove to the machines who he is? Does the State have to take away our children before we wake up? How many more “signs of the times” will it take before individuals begin to take a stand?
If the handwriting on the wall were any clearer it would have megaphones and a big screen display playing at every corner.
Ironically enough, it already has. It’s just that these encroachments on our lives and liberty have crept up so surreptitiously, by design, that we’re conditioned against these warnings and we’re now witnessing the frogs reaching their boiling point.
And they don’t like it.

The Handwriting on the Wall
I find it curious we’re not seeing more individual action. I know it’s happening and that of course the corporo-state controlled mainstain media is suppressing news regarding this growing revolution of spirit, but we should be seeing a lot more of this than we’re currently witnessing.
The good news is that it’s happening nonetheless.
This recent rant in the US House of Representatives serves as a perfect example. More laws and enforcement are clearly part of the problem and there are serious paradigm issues here, but just listen to the frustration and anger regarding the ongoing coup d’état taking place in the US in this Representative’s presentation:

How many more feel this way and are still afraid to speak up? Never mind all of the underlings in corporate structures who disagree with the direction they are taking humanity, including their own children and grandchildren?
What’s your line in the sand? When will you decide it’s time for a life change and start to speak up wherever you go and pull out of this damned system?
That’s really the ultimate question. Our individual line in the sand. What are you waiting for?
Crisis Conditioning and Disempowerment
We have to understand the social engineering taking place on this planet is as devious as it is seemingly obvious. Humanity is being driven, yes, like sheep or cattle, into frames of reference that are nothing less than placating panaceas. – created spaces of waiting for their time in the chute to the slaughterhouse. We’re toyed with like rodents in a laboratory. To take a stand against our engineers is the farthest thing from just about anybody’s mind.
After all, there are no engineers, right?
Our awakening is one soul at a time. Crises either serve to awaken or further subdue. The dividing line has everything to do with the “line in the sand” of any thinking individual. Do we awaken to the obvious, the overwhelming oppression and deprivation of freedom, or do we march on, afraid to recognize the obvious?
Thankfully everything hits a wall sooner or later. They say that when food prices reach 40% of our income the shit will hit the fan. Could be, but we’re being driven to some serious crossroads. Either it’s for our individual benefit or not. The scales tip extremely quickly when the personal awakening starts to take hold.

The Courage to Wake the Hell Up
This hasn’t been for everyone as the decades have passed. Many great voices have been raised about this onslaught on humanity but to very little avail. Today we hear them. The voices for Truth who dared to speak up against the machine who were ridiculed and silenced in previous times are now becoming loud and clear to a new, awakening generation.
That is thrilling.
The question remains – is it in time to stop the flow? Can humanity take back its planet and governance?
I don’t know.
All I know is each awakened soul is the answer. It’s not a group thing, it’s each of our own individual choices.
What will you do? That’s the only question.
In the words of Charles MacKay,
“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”
Where are you in the mix? Will you step out? If not now, when?
It only costs everything. Aren’t you paying that price anyway?

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