More Dystopian Ebola Shenanigans

More Dystopian Ebola Shenanigans

by Peak Crackers
Is that GOD standing there? Is this dude going to walk on water next? ..LOL. What a farce! .MPC
The Idiotic Explanation Why The “Idiot With The Clipboard” Was Unprotected
Phoenix Air has released a statement explaining why the now infamous non-HazMat-wearing ‘clipboard man’ seen in close proximity to Dallas Ebola patient Amber Vinson (while the rest of the members of staff are fully protected) was unprotected… and it will blow your mind.
Why is “Clipboard Man” not wearing protective gear?

Phoenix Air responds (via ABC News)…

The airline confirmed to ABC News that the man was their medical protocol supervisor who was purposefully not wearing protective gear.
“Our medical professionals in the biohazard suits have limited vision and mobility and it is the protocol supervisor’s job to watch each person carefully and give them verbal directions to insure no close contact protocols are violated,” a spokesperson from Phoenix Air told ABC News said.
“There is absolutely no problem with this and in fact insures an even higher level of safety for all involved,” the spokesperson said.

*  *  *
So – in summary – due to the restrictive vision when wearing an Ebola-protective suit, one member of staff must be sacrificed/exposed to ensure no one trips?
And these are who we are supposed to trust?
Here is the full sequence of events involving “clipboard guy” via the Mail:

Is he with the CDC? Both the ambulance company and Emory University Hospital said the unprotected man with the clipboard (center) is not one of their employees – meaning he is likely a CDC employee

A man in plain clothes was seen on the tarmac Wednesday afternoon, as the second Ebola patient (in yellow hazmat suit) boarded a flight to Atlanta, Georgia

The man is seen boarding the flight, after exchanging several objects with the hazmat crew

Clipboard man appears to have flown on the same flight as infected Miss Vinson, as he is seen in footage of her getting into an ambulance at an airport in Atlanta
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