Please Don’t Confuse Us With Those In Charge

Please Don’t Confuse Us With Those In Charge

by Debora Gabriel
Guest Writer,
As an average United States citizen, I believe the outside world, may have the wrong impression when it comes to the power we wield. We are not the monsters some think us to be. Please do not confuse us with those in charge, there is no longer a connection. I would like to bring a better understanding, about who we are and why we do the things we do… in hope that someday we will be forgiven.
I consider myself a good example of the so called “norm” of my generation. My parents were lower middle class, hard working people. I attended public school. I think I am of average intelligence among my peers. I believe my childhood represents an accurate slice of reality that was very similar to most other children my age.
As a child, my morning started with a big bowl of dry cereal, loaded with sugar, and drenched in cow’s milk. For lunch, I ate sliced bologna on white bread. And dinner consisted of a variety of easily prepared processed foods, such as hot dogs, Hamburger Helper, and SpaghettiOs. I drank Tang and Fizzies, dissolved in tap water. Our snack drawer was full of Twinkies, Moon Pies, and Little Debbie cakes. The only fresh vegetable in our refrigerator was iceburg lettuce, lightly browned at the edges.
Our drinking water was not only chlorinated, but fluoridated. My first eighteen years of life, were spent inside a big cloud of cigarette smoke. Back then, everybody smoked everywhere… inside our houses, cars, stores and restaurants . We were carried around on our mother’s hip, with a cigarette hanging from her lip. Most of my teeth contained toxic mercury fillings by the time I was 14 years old.
In school I was taught that America was discovered in 1492 , when “Columbus sailed the ocean blue”.  This is not true… there were a number of European explorers who stumbled upon North America centuries before Columbus. I remember my teacher telling me that George Washington was our first President. This is not completely accurate… Congress appointed John Hanson as our first President to run the country, under the Articles of Confederation, in 1781.  I learned that our system of government is called a democracy. This is highly debatable… our system of government was created as a federal constitutional republic. Unfortunately, oligarchy better describes our political system as it stands today.
So, you see world… we most likely did not develop into a nation of geniuses.  Many of us did not get a healthy start. Our bodies and minds were poisoned, our environments toxic. Truths were distorted and omitted. We grew into a dumb-downed, unhealthy, uninformed society. But we are not to blame…  for it was very much intended, and our trust was breached.
You may think that once we grew up, and became more aware, that our minds and bodies could begin to heal and become somewhat healthier. But things today are worse than ever. Much of our drinking water is still treated with toxic chemicals. Fear tactics are used to convince us to inject live viruses into our healthy bodies to stay well. Healthy newborns are subjected to a slew of dangerous vaccinations. GMOs are hidden in most of our packaged food, and our fresh whole foods are riddled with pesticides. Over half of all Americans take prescribed “so called” medication every day. Many of these drugs are mood altering, used to desensitize us. We are obese and feel lousy. And if that is not bad enough…we are forced to breathe toxic heavy metals that float down from our skies sprayed by airplanes. We are walking, talking, toxic heaps.
The American economic system is designed to keep us in a constant state of panic. We need money to pay mortgages, car payments, charge card bills, and to put our kids through college. We have been programmed and conditioned since birth to participate in meaningless fairy tale traditions designed to make us buy stuff. Every month there is a holiday that requires a gift, candy, turkey or ham, be bought. We are slaves who are unaware that we are slaves. This keeps us very busy and preoccupied… for that is the hidden agenda.
Our news media does a great job keeping us uninformed about important issues, and up to date on ridiculously useless nonsense. We are constantly subjected to a game called “bait and switch”.  Important news is frequently over-shadowed by such things as what dress Michelle wore at the latest Beyonce concert performed at the White House. We have to dig deep to find the important news, it is not readily available to us. This leaves many without a clue about what is happening throughout the world.
Since 9/11, we have had many of our rights taken away. With all the new laws, many of us have criminal records for the first time in our lives. Nobody can find out what is really happening, because EVERYTHING is top secret. They claim this secrecy keeps us safe from “the terrorists”. Those in charge do not ask our permission to go to war… they do whatever they want to do. Our hands are tied… it is completely out of our control. We have no idea what they are doing, why they are doing it, or how to stop it. Many Americans rely solely on the information coming through their television sets.  So, you see world, we are at a huge disadvantage here… on so many levels.
Personally, I am horrified that we are using drones to murder innocent people under the guise of fighting terrorism. Drones seem like a cowardly tactic to fight a war… if it is truly a war? I think most of our young men and women join the armed forces because there are no job opportunities left in the United States. Our school children are targeted and bribed with low paying military jobs and college educations. However, there is absolutely no excusing our relentless aggression and devious acts of war upon the world. And I would like to apologize, from the bottom of my heart… for I am so, very, very sorry.
I believe it is safe to say a great many of my fellow Americans do not support how our tax dollars are spent, for we are also victims. We basically want the same things… a peaceful world with clean air, clean water, safe food, and a means to live comfortably. More and more of us are slowly beginning to see clearly and want to work towards making things right. So, until that time comes…  please don’t confuse us with those in charge.

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