Exercise: analysis of propaganda

Dear reader,


Please have a read of a simple, seemingly innocuous tennis article, from July 2014.  See if you can identify the deep and vile propaganda; if you can’t, the matrix truly has you

Is this the world you want to live in…where we have a “reality projection” like this article?

For e.g., can you see what is being done here – almost all 1000 civilian casualties are Palestinians, however Palestinians are the clear aggressors according to this

“The Israeli-Palestinian crisis has headlined world news for the last three weeks. The ongoing battle reached nineteen days Saturday, with over 1000 civilian casualties already reported.  A 12 hour humanitarian cease-fire was proposed, but was eventually rejected by Hamas friday, who today announced that they have fired five rockets at Israel.

Israeli tennis player Dudi Sela resides in Tel Aviv, where Gaza has launched an aerial onslaught.


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